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    An ever increasing number of employees are having their pay garnished or levied. This is a result of the State being more agressive about "Deadbeat Dads" and other people that owe debts. We will deduct the amount of the garnishment/levy and automatically send the payments to the proper authorities for you.

    Many employers have people they pay who are Contractors. These people do not have any deductions from their pay for taxes. Payroll Plus will pay these people and will automatically prepare a FORM 1099 for each at year end.

    We will usually set up your company overnight.

    An ever increasing number of employees are having their pay garnished or levied. This is a result of the State being more agressive about "Deadbeat Dads" and other people that owe debts. We will deduct the amount of the garnishment/levy and automatically send the payments to the proper authorities for you.

    New employee setup is done "on the fly" so you can send us the information on new employees at the same time you want us to produce their pay checks. No need to send the information in ahead of time.

    401k plans are increasing in popularity since they offer the employees a tax free way of putting some money away for their retirement. These plans can be setup to be a percentage or flat amount depending on the preference of the employees. Should you desire PAYROLL PLUS can send the amount deducted directly to your plan for you.

    We calculate your workers compensation liability every payroll cycle. We then cut a check and send it to your carrier. Of course we reduce the wages on which the insurance priemum is calculated by the premium portion of any overtime, all tips and any 125 Plan deductions. This ensures that you pay only the amount of workers compensation you have to and no more! Since we do this every payroll your insurance carrier will not need you to pay a 10% deposit of the annual premium, this puts more money in your hands. Audits are automatic with Payroll Plus so you don't need to spend hours preparing for them.

    Calculations for taxes on Bonus and Commission payments are treated in a variety of ways. We can deduct a fixed amount for Federal and State taxes or we can calculate any percentage the employee desires or we can take the same percentage as they are paying on their regular pay. It is up to the employee.

    When you terminate an employee you need to pay them within 24 hours (72 if they quit). We do the calculation and give you the information you need to write a check to the employee in 20 minutes.

    We provide you with a vast selection of reports to choose from to see more about the internet reporting function see the "reports" section.

    Your payroll is delivered by messenger the next morning after you FAX, e-mail, Call, Drop off or even mail us your input. We have two messenger delivery windows... Morning and Afternoon.

    There are occasions where you would like us to write a check to a third party. This may be to pay off a loan, Pay a vendor, Send Medical premiums, and other needs.

    E F T P S
    Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) is a new electronic payment system being required by the IRS for more and more companies. If your company has been mandated to us EFTPS we can do the tax payments for you. If you have not been mandated but would like your taxes deposited electronically we can do it for you.

    All employers are required to report all new employees every 20 days. This has resulted in a dramitic increase in the number of people who are being held responsible for their debts and the support of their children. We will automatically notify the State for you as part of your normal payroll service.

    We are always available to answer any questions over the telephone. If necessary we can FAX copies of reports and explain anything that we have done for you. We keep a complete set of copies of all reports we give you, this means we can be your backup should you suffer a loss due to fire or flood or theft.

    From time to time an employee needs to be paid "on the spot" this may be due to an unexpected emergency, vacation, termination, or the oversight of an employee when pay info was submitted. Within 20 minutes of your call we FAX you a sheet with the calculations and pay amount. All you need to do is write the check number on the sheet and FAX it back and you are done! We will do all the paper work for you and will include it with the next regular payroll.

    Premium only plans are growing very fast because the amount deducted is TAX free. The amount is deducted from the wages BEFORE any tax calculations are made. This saves on taxes for the employer and employee!

    These dedudctions are treated the same as POP plans... the amount deducted is totally tax free!

    Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan and the related SAR plan are handled in a similar way to the 401k plan.

    Direct deposit is very popular and will continue to grow. You can deposit your earnings in up to 4 accounts (Checking or Savings) with fixed or percentage amounts. Deposits can be made to virtually any financial institution in the country.

    Our checks are produced by Deluxe check printers. They are of the highest quality and are available in Blue only. The factory provides 5 levels of security for these financial instruments and PAYROLL PLUS adds even more.

    Over the years PAYROLL PLUS has developed several hundred report formats to meet a vast array of client needs. Should you need a special report we can create it for you.
    We can show the amount of Vacation and Sick time available to your employees on their check stub. We have the ability to track the time they have taken as well as automatically add to their time on a schedule you select. We have a variety of reports that show the amount used, amount remaining, hire date, raise date, and many other pieces of information that you may want.
    To make payroll input more universal PAYROLL PLUS has developed an internet interface which allows you to input you payroll from anywhere on the globe. All you need is a computer, your input sheet name and a password that we will provide you. To try this function out just go back one screen and select "data input".

Claudia M. Villacorta

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