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Many businesses know the benefit of Direct Deposit, And so should you!!!

Quick: With Direct Deposit, your funds are electronically deposited into not only one, but multiple accounts with the availability to use the morning of the transfer date.

Secure: Forget about lost or stolen checks, when you can enjoy the security of having your funds deposited directly to your accounts.

Convenient & Reliable: Direct Deposit eliminates having to make deposit in person. You can be assured your money will be deposited to your account on time, correctly and confidentially.

DDPlus Includes free access to the EZPaynote feature which allows you to:
Know when your pay is deposited
Ready to use by simply signing up
Includes options for cell phone delivery
Its quick and easy to sign up simply go to WWW.EZPAYNOTE.COM and click "sign me up"

Don't currently have a bank account, deposit your money in an AccelaPay Card
A reloadable, prepaid debit card issued by U.S. Bank
Make purchase everywhere debit cards are accepted
Visit You can be assured your money will be deposited to your account on time, correctly and confidentially

How can I set up for this services.....
Please contact us for the information and we will have you set up on your next payroll



Direct Deposit Fees

Cost per Payroll:
$7 plus $1 per enrolled employee

Timing Considerations (scheduling and delay related):
Delay from date of sign-up Approximately 10 days

Set-Up Cost (one time):
$45 plus #3.45 per enrolled employee

Special Costs (when special services are required):
NSF Payroll Return $125 (non-sufficient funds)
Recall entire Payroll $125 (client initiated)
Recall Individual Payment $36.40 (client initiated)
Return $15 (error in employee file)


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